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NetRouser 2 is the professional Wake On LAN management solution for the Windows platform and enables you to remotely activate, shutdown and reboot networked computers. Powerful scheduling options can activate, shutdown or reboot a computer at any given time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The optional NetRouser NT service module can be used to execute schedules in the background.

Publisher description

Netrouser is a powerful Wake On LAN manager for the Microsoft® Windows® platforms and enables users to remotely activate multiple networked computers. Netrouser provides an easy to use management interface, allowing you to start single or grouped computers, or schedule them to be powered up at any given time. A guide explaining the basics of Wake On Lan and how to set up your hardware is included. Netrouser ships with two built-in network diagnostic tools: Ping and Traceroute, allowing you to troubleshoot network connectivity and reachability.

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